Smart Contracts

We create, develop and program Smart Contracts of any complexity encoded on the Ethereum, EOS, Waves, Cardano and Hyperledger Fabric

About us

Naumov Lab has been working in the Information Technology field since 2002. Since 2016 our team has been seriously involved in the smart contract activity and blockchain network deployment. We will develop and create your own smart contracts for the Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Cardano, NEO, Waves, EOS and other blockchain platforms to accomplish your tasks.

We create a smart contract for ICO (initial coin offering) and emit tokens
We develop the decentralized application DAPP using the distributed database
We make the audit of the existing smart contract and provide you with the independent expert assessment
We have a team brainstorm together with you, shape and elaborate your idea
We use public blockchain or deploy private blockchain to reach your tasks
We help you to create cryptocurrency based on fork of open code of an existing coin

Our team

Aleksandr Naumov
The Head of the Project
Vasiliy Alekseev
Technical Director
Mikhail Blank
Project Manager
Aleksandr Erenskiy
Andrey Litvinchuk
Boris Potchtamtskiy
Andrey Borzenets
System Administrator
Ekaterina Panasenko
Legal Guidance


Who are you?

We are the team of the blockchain enthusiasts and believe the Blockchain Technology will be used in many spheres of our life. We are interested in everything to do with cryptography and advanced Information Technologies. We have been working in programming and Information Technology activities since 2002.We have been working on Blockchain development since 2016.

What do you do?

We focus on the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications and deployment of public and private blockchain networks.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain Technology is the chain of blocks. Blockchain may contain any kind of information, for example, a list of records and transactions, and also an Executable code which is called a smart contract. The Blockchain and Smart Contracts have such distinguishing features as: decentralization, consensus algorithm and the transparent mechanism of work available for the blockchain network participants.

What is a Smart Contract?

In a number of platforms (firstly, in the Ethereum platform) a Smart Contract is a type of agent of the blockchain network which is fully automated and strictly pre-determined. Essentially, a Smart Contract is a program (an Executable code) where all agent’s behaviour and actions are strictly pre-determined.

How can you help us?

We will shape your ideas and apply technical approach to describe the logic in work of the blockchain and smart contract. In case of necessity our team will deploy the blockchain network at your enterprise and develop a smart contract (an Executable code) which will manage the processes of your company.

What do we need it for?

Technological progress has been actively leading the society to the acceleration of business processes and cost reduction. Smart contracts allow companies to avoid the ineffective routine duties of the employees and increase the company activity efficiency as a whole.

Yours faithfully, Aleksandr Naumov
General Director of Naumov Lab Ltd