Smart Contracts

We make the audit of the existing smart contracts and give our own audit report


Making the audit

Naumov Lab company’s specialists make the audit of the existing smart contracts. Audit is the important stage and task for any smart contract because investors and holders, as a rule, trust their cryptocurrency and tokens to it. You may need the audit in the following cases:

  • If you make the audit investors will have more confidence that the smart contract corresponds and protects their interests
  • If you are going to hold Ethereum on the smart contract, the audit will give you an additional guarantee that there are no bugs in the smart contract’s code allowing a hacker to steal the funds or block them
  • The Stock Market may ask you to make the audit before you put the token to the Stock market
  • The audit report posted on your website will help you to increase the rating in the ICO trackers and listings
  • The audit made by the third party can find out other mistakes or weaknesses in the work of the smart contract logic

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Audit example