Development DAICO

Decentralized Autonomic Initial Coin Offering. Development of DAICO smart contract and tokens


What is a DAICO?

What is a DAICO?

DAICO (Decentralized Autonomic Initial Coin Offering) is a fundraising model described by Vitalik Buterin in the article “Explanation of DAICO's”. DAICO can be called ICO 2.0. DAICO is considered to secure the investors funds and increase fraud resistance in the cryptocurrency crowdfunding world.


The Difference between a DAICO and an ICO

The main difference is that in comparison to ICOs, the DAICOs investors can always return all the remaining funds if they think DAICOs founders’ promises are not being fulfilled. For example, the timelines stated in the Roadmap are breached or the product does not operate in reality. In comparison to ICOs, the DAICOs investors have much more control for the invested funds.

smart contract DAICO

A smart contract for a DAICO

To conduct a DAICO you have to have the developed smart contract with the limited authorities for the project’s founders and greater authorities for investors encoded in its logic. As a rule, the logic of DAICO smart contract’s behavior depends on the voting procedure by the investors with the help of the tokens gained. At the moment a DAICO can be technically conducted on the Ethereum platform.

Carry out DAICO

Assistance in the conduct of a DAICO

We offer our customers development of a smart contract for a DAICO. Our team will make the statement of work according to your requirements, our programmers will implement all your desirable requirements which can be technically performed through the smart contract code. Firstly we load a DAICO smart-contract in the test network for testing, after that we deploy it in the main Ethereum network. Also we will give you technical assistance in the conduct of a DAICO.