Smart contracts

We will develop a smart contract of any complexity for crowdsale and a token for ICO and STO


What is an ICO

What is an ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the process of tokens’ emission in the different blockchain platforms. As a rule, ICO means cryptocurrency fund raising and tokens emission to the investors in proportion to their amount of the investments in the ICO. Crowdsale (ICO) may be conducted in one or several stages including pre-sale stage. When the ICO is over, the emitted tokens can be sold on the Stock Market or used within the project.

legal ICO token

The legal status of an ICO

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) expresses its opinion that tokens emitted on ICOs should be considered securities on an equal level with shares put on the market in the result of traditional campaigns. At the moment at the state level the citizens of the USA and China are not allowed to participate in crowdsale (ICO sales) in the event that the token represents itself Security token. If the token is used inside the project (software) and is functional, then this utility token. Utility token is legal in USA, China and other world countries.

pre sale ico

Pre-sale ICO

If you conduct an ICO a Pre-sale or Pre-ICO model looks quite attractive. In this case ICO developers hold initial limited tokens sale to allocate the raised funds for advertising and marketing of the main ICO round. In some cases such a model with tokens pre-sale is quite economic. The launching of an ICO using a pre-sale model allows to raise funds for your own product’s prototype development and ICO main round marketing.

smart contract for ico

Smart contract for ICO

Smart contracts are used to conduct almost all ICOs. The benefits of ICOs conducted on smart contracts are clear for the investors. A smart contract is a program with an open code which can be checked by any specialist having programming skills. If the developed smart contract has no bugs, the investor will definitely gain his share of the emitted tokens. In most of the cases ICOs are held on the Ethereum platform.

make ICO tokens

Assistance in the conduct of an ICO

Nowadays many entrepreneurs and businessmen start to think about how to hold an ICO. Our team of specialists will develop a smart contract for the conduct of an ICO according to your project. We will develop Ethereum smart contract, deploy it in the test-net, make the audit of the contract and after that we will deploy the smart contract in the main Ethereum network and integrate it with your website. All the way of the project’s implementation we will provide you with all necessary technical support and ICO guidance. Also we can provide you with such services as development of a website for the conduct of an ICO and SEO-promotion of a website. We also develop smart contracts for DAICO.